My Personal Life

My name is Johnathan Nguyen and I’m a Vietnamese American living in California. I’m currently a student at the University of California, San Diego studying Visual Arts Media Film/TV with a double minor in Film Studies and Theater. I believe in the power of my own ambition and live life according to my dreams and passions, hopefully the money follows suite.

Growing up my parents owned a video rental store so while most kids were out and about, I was indoors immersing myself into films and video games. I love films and I’m hoping one day to be able to make some of my own. One belief I have is that there needs to be a greater movement for the Asian culture/image advancement and acceptance in media/entertainment in American. My goal is to somehow make this happen and be successful in the process.

I got involved with several things throughout my life – a former police cadet, chairman of student television station, president of a fraternity, and the list goes on. I just love being involved, working and helping others, and just making a difference in the world.

This blog is to communicate my thoughts, regrets, artwork, failures, reviews, hopes, excitements, accomplishments, anything, and everything I want to make known.

Thank you and enjoy.


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