Hats off to 2010

I have recently gotten more into photography and started doing event and portrait photography. Its been an great experience so far working with members of Photo Club and just freelancing.  I have amazing friends that have been supporting and teaching me and I thank all of them, especially the members of Photo Club, Stephen Liu, and Sui.  They have taught, inspired, and mentored me so much during this past quarter and I hope to continue to work and learn from all of them.

I was contacted by my friends at UCSD Circle K to do a photo shoot for the graduating senior class, their original photographer was unfortunately hospitalized. I knew that this would be an great way for me to get some more experience and way to provide my favorite seniors with a worthwhile graduation present.  We arrived on campus Saturday afternoon and spent a few hours shooting.  I was able to work with fellow Circle K-er, photographer, and friend – Johnny Hong.  Many thanks and shout outs to him for the assistance and for taking charge of the shoot several times. I had previously worked with him for the UCSD Circle K’s 2010-2011 Officer Portrait Photo Shoot.

The shoot went amazingly smooth and it was very fun and enjoyable.  I would like to thank all the Seniors for all the memories and good times that we shared, and for being such great models for me today.  I probably won’t have the pictures fully processed and ready until after finals but here are some sneak peak previews for everyone.

Jump for 2010

Hats Off to 2010

Congratulations Seniors! You’ve made it! I wish you all the best of luck in all of your future endeavors and whatever life may bring your way. Much love as always ❤


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