Hats off to 2010

I have recently gotten more into photography and started doing event and portrait photography. Its been an great experience so far working with members of Photo Club and just freelancing.  I have amazing friends that have been supporting and teaching me and I thank all of them, especially the members of Photo Club, Stephen Liu, and Sui.  They have taught, inspired, and mentored me so much during this past quarter and I hope to continue to work and learn from all of them.

I was contacted by my friends at UCSD Circle K to do a photo shoot for the graduating senior class, their original photographer was unfortunately hospitalized. I knew that this would be an great way for me to get some more experience and way to provide my favorite seniors with a worthwhile graduation present.  We arrived on campus Saturday afternoon and spent a few hours shooting.  I was able to work with fellow Circle K-er, photographer, and friend – Johnny Hong.  Many thanks and shout outs to him for the assistance and for taking charge of the shoot several times. I had previously worked with him for the UCSD Circle K’s 2010-2011 Officer Portrait Photo Shoot.

The shoot went amazingly smooth and it was very fun and enjoyable.  I would like to thank all the Seniors for all the memories and good times that we shared, and for being such great models for me today.  I probably won’t have the pictures fully processed and ready until after finals but here are some sneak peak previews for everyone.

Jump for 2010

Hats Off to 2010

Congratulations Seniors! You’ve made it! I wish you all the best of luck in all of your future endeavors and whatever life may bring your way. Much love as always ❤


Farewell to Decade, Hello 2010

The Year of 2009 – This year was filled with all “Firsts”

January – I fly down to San Diego early and spend New Years at my friends house with my girlfriend and friends. I take my first classes as a Computer Science major as well as academic probation. I visit Indianapolis and see snow, more like ice. There I meet the rest of my fraternity brothers from all around the United States. I become a man and use a shovel to dig three driveways for low income families without houses. I go to a highlighter party. I apply to return as an Orientation Leader. We bake and decorate cookies. Fall in love with Phoenix Wright and the Ace Attorney games again. I go clubbing in San Diego. Korean Starcraft Fantasy League.

February – I make chocolate roses and make a Valentines skit and video. Go to Mission Beach and taste Hodad’s. Cooked dinner and watched basketball with the girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. Plan the video for the APSA Talent Show. I kidnap a friend. Perform the Single Ladies dance at Denny’s. Engineers Week with the fraternity brothers. Engineer’s Ball with girlfriend and brothers. Drink with my Orientation Leader. I join Digg. I break my laptop and join the Mac side.

March – I meet Circle K’ers from all over SoCal. I go to the Eclipse dance. I fail two finals. International Secret Agents – San Fran. I turn 20 years old. Circle K District Convention. Clubbing again with break dancing. Street Fighter 4 as Vega.

April -Disneyland trip with girlfriend. Cheesecake Factory, I hate cheesecake though. Meet one of my mentors – Leo. Recruit and pledge into the fraternity. Fired from job as Orientation Leader due to low grades. Breakdown and cry. Academic Probation again. Lose my voice. TMTV Telethon. Learn what film studies really is.

May – Didn’t win the award at the Rezzies. Dress up for a costume party. Circle K Banquet. Power Rangers RPM. My professor says my paper is one of the best one he’s ever read, film studies is great. Sun God Festival with my old roommate I haven’t seen since freshman year. I get in a fight with officers and almost leave a club.

June – Throw a friend in the pool. TMTV banquet, and new crew of TMTV is made. So goodbye to a friend going to Hawaii. Everyman. Finish New Member Education and watch our first brother graduate and become an alumni. Going dumb on campus. Figure out my graduate plan. Move off campus. Summer school starts. My childhood hero Michael Jackson dies. My PC is fixed.

July – 4th of July BBQ with friends. Get my first camera ever, Canon T1i. Triangle National Convention. The Interest Group becomes a Colony. Online summer school starts. I breakdown in front of a friend.

August – Failed first driving test. Downtown dinner for friend’s birthday. Girlfriend’s birthday party. Wicked. Learn how to play Mahjong. Failed second driving test. Transfer Orientation training and Orientation. Flip Cup.

September – Make history as Thurgood Marshall College wins the Golden Shoe in the UnOlympics in the first time in 31 years. I meet my new mentor Ryan. Break up with the girlfriend.

October –  Get back with the girlfriend. Got a job. Someone is murdered in my building. Attempted suicide. I get Swine Flu. Diagnosed with clinical depression, get treated. Break up with the girlfriend again. New pledge class is formed. Halloween party at Irvine.

November – The DYNASTY is formed. Fall Training Conference. Masquerade Ball. Learned how to budget and monitor credit score. Captured Premiere. APSA High School Conference and DYNASTY reunion dinner. Masquerade After Party. Thanksgiving with family in SD. Initiated into the fraternity. Asked to leave the mall while performing and capturing my art final project. I am now a Visual Arts student.

December – Christmas Potluck. Family Photo Scavenger Hunt. Passed drivers license test. White Elephant with the family and stepfamily. Get lost in San Fran. Join Photo Club. Vu’s Holiday Party Traditions. Decide to apply to study abroad in Korea. Start dating again. Take part in the ritual. Party and knockout at friends place. Hangover on New Years.


Happy New Years Everyone!  Let’s make this a great year!

Food For Thought

Last night, I was over at a friends place and we were catching up and watching Julie & Julia (2009) the movie based on two true life stories of women who had food and cooking changed their lives. This was my second time watching the movie and so I wasn’t paying too much attention to it, but it really made me feel hungry. We went to In-N-Out Burger and I ordered my usual number 2 combo, animal style fries, no onions on either, and a root beer. After taking the first bite out of my burger that I finally felt, that I was back home in San Jose. Food connects everyone and brings them together. Just like in the movie, the taste of food just makes you feel warm and happy, and takes all your worries away. You can have a terrible day at work and things go terribly wrong, but the right food can make you feel like everything will be OK.

I don’t mean to say that I eat In-N-Out Burger exclusively in San Jose, but it just brings back certain memories that I’ve had here. My first In-N-Out experience was when my mom took me to eat one after getting a haircut one day. And last time I was home in the summer, I was able to hang out with the cast of “The Chase” by Jeffery Lo (a theatrical play written and directed by JLo). I can’t list all the other memories and feelings of nostalgia I had just sitting there eating my order.

I’ve never appreciated how much food makes me feel. I’ve been a picky eater for most of my life, recently however I’ve gotten to love all food. Home Cooking tastes so good when you haven’t had it in a while, and since I haven’t been home in over half a year it makes me happy just to taste my mom and uncle’s cooking. It makes me feel safe and warm inside.

I really want to go restaurant hopping one day and just taste new types of cuisine. Maybe I should give cooking a try.

I’m an animal

Dreams and Reality

Everyone questioned me when I switched my major from computer science to Visual Arts Media Film/TV. Why would I give up a career path that has a reliable job market and salary stability? Lets, be honest not many people make a living in this industry and even fewer become rich and famous. I find myself frequently asking myself and wonder if what I’m doing is the right thing. There are many setbacks – lots of work, sleepless nights, and no initial benefits. I actually have no real experience or talent either. I’m probably going to have to take on odd jobs to fund my projects. There are so many people and things that are telling me no, and that I should turn back. But its too late, I’ve made my decision and I’m going to do it.

Of course its going to be tough, but its something I’m determined to do. I don’t want to spend my life in a cubicle, doing the same thing every day. I want adventure, excitement, and danger. I dream of a world where I can just travel and do something new everyday, a place where I can just be free from worries about money and schedules. My dream is to be free and I think that becoming an artist and a filmmaker will let me free myself from the restraints of modern day living. I want to reach out into the world and touch the lives of others. A message that I can only spread through film. I’m determined to turn my dreams into reality, I need to stop dreaming and start doing something. I’m tired of just sitting here and thinking about “what if’s”. Now is the time for action, I’m going to persevere. I love the art, the craft, the experience – my passion will burn and hopefully my film can ignite the dreams of others.

I’m going to stop dreaming now and make it into a reality. This is finals week of Fall of 2009 and I’m starting my mission to become a filmmaker. One day it will happen, I hope you can be there to see it. Thank you for your support.